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  • Multifinisher CPC375 XPRO with folding unit

  • New Display

  • Multifinisher CPC375 XPRO

Touchline CPC375 XPRO with folding unit

The new Multifinisher CPC375 XPRO  from the successful Touchline family sets a new benchmark in the industry. Imagine you only needed two machines in your company: a powerful printing system and an equally powerful multifinisher. And you could use them to produce the majority of the work in a print shop. This is now possible!

The CPC375 XPRO from Multigraf, manufactured in Muri AG, offers just that. Creasing, cross and lengthwise perforating, cross and lengthwise cutting, cutting and folding, even in multiple lanes. This is all done in a single operation and at high speed.

Set-up times are extremely short and tool changes are carried out within seconds. New jobs are automatically recognised via barcode and the CPC375 XPRO multifinisher adjusts itself fully automatically. The production of a 6 or 8-page brochure takes just a few seconds, without any manual intermediate steps. Producing business cards becomes a pleasure, without time-consuming cutting on the stack cutter.

  • Multifinisher CPC375 XPRO with folding unit

  • Multifinisher CPC375 XPRO

  • New Display


  • Mehrere Arbeitsschritte in einem Arbeitsgang
  • Quer und längs schneiden
  • Quer und längs perforieren, durchgehend oder abgesetzt
  • Positiv und/oder negativ rillen, z.B. für Buchrücken
  • Mehrbahnig Nutzen schneiden, rillen und falzen
  • Barcodeleser
  • Benutzerfreundlicher Touchscreen
  • Erweiterbar mit dem Falzwerk TF375 XPRO
  • Hergestellt in der Schweiz


  • Dimensions (L x W x H):
    3’920 x 600 x 1300 mm (mit Falzwerk, Tischverlängerung und Brücke)
  • Feeder capacity:
    180 mm
  • Double sheet detection:
  • Weight:
    465 kg
  • Paper stocks perforating:
    80-300 g/m2 oder bis 0,3 mm
  • Paper stocks creasing:
    100-400 g/m2 oder bis 0,4 mm
  • Paper stocks cutting:
    80-400 g/m2 oder bis 0,4 mm
  • Electrical connection:
    100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Subject to technical modifications and errors.

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