Argos Inspiration Days


Multigraf presents the new Multifinisher CPC375 online behind a varnishing line. The success of the Multifinisher CPC375 we had the last months is going on. Multigraf presents at the Argos Inspiration Days, between March 6 - 8 at Autoworld Museum in Brussels online the finishing line CPC375, where we produce our famous folded booklets 148 mm x 630 mm.

The oversize paper 650 mm x 330 mm will be fed by a Multigraf Touchline feeder TL375 into the Argos LED 400 coater where it enters after the varnishing process online single side coated into our finisher. The finisher slits and cuts the booklets two up as well creases 15 times up and down. The whole finishing process with a huge speed of 30 m/min and about 2'200 booklets per hour in one pass!

Please use the following hyperlink for free register and visit us at the Argos Inspiration Days in Brussels: Register here

Location: Autoworld Museum, Brussels - Belgium

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